FRI-ICE your industrial refrigeration service provider

Since 1993, FRI-ICE has been specialising in INDUSTRIAL COOLING and IMPORT-EXPORT under the FRILUX brand, selling wholesale to manufacturers and wholesalers.

As a FACTORY AGENT, we work with factories renowned for their quality, guaranteeing products and services approved by our many regular customers. We are committed to offering the best service, quality and delivery times.

We offer our customers a complete range of professional refrigeration equipment, including commercial, industrial and horizontal refrigerators, as well as horizontal freezers, our speciality.

In addition, we offer stainless steel industrial refrigerators, sideboards, refrigerated display cabinets and equipment for restaurants, hotels and hospitals. In addition, we offer a variety of heat exchanger modules, air coolers and other innovative products.

We are also experts in maintenance, offering all the necessary parts and solutions for refrigerant gases, as well as all kinds of electrical resistors and a range of customisable products.

FRI-ICE will respond to all specific requests from our valued customers for any equipment not included in our catalogue.
All requests will be studied carefully and we will respond to your specific questions with the appropriate seriousness and rigour.



Commercial refrigerators: 1-4 doors Horizontal freezers (Bahut)

Stainless steel refrigerators

Stainless steel commercial, industrial and medical refrigerators

Refrigerated display cabinets

Modular pastry cases and ice-cream displays


2 different cooling systems: Absorption and compression (Hotels and Medical)

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers and air, gas, dry, oil and commercial coolers

Evaporator condensers

Industrial condensers, CO2 evaporators, commercial condensers & KARBOX

Heat recovery

Heat recovery and heat exchangers

Spare parts & Maintenance

R32, R290, R744 solutions, filters, solenoid valves, expansion valves, pressure switches etc...

Electrical resistors

For: Dishwashers, deep fryers, machines, etc.

Water Fountains

Innovative water coolers for optimum hydration at work and at home. Enjoy pure, fresh water in an elegant, modern design

Butcher's window

Energy-efficient refrigerated display cases for butchers, offering optimum preservation of fresh meat and charcuterie.