Refrigerated water coolers, ON mains


The water coolers we sell are network cooling solutions. They are ideal for local authorities, offices, schools and nursing homes. Our French manufacturer guarantees high-quality chilled water coolers, ensuring optimal hydration for all users. Thanks to contact-free options such as foot pedals and optical sensors, these fountains offer perfect hygiene. For effective maintenance, a twice-yearly inspection service is included, covering labour and travel.

Our fountains are chilled water dispensing systems designed for use in a variety of environments, including offices, schools, community centres and healthcare establishments. Made in France, these fountains are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and hygiene.

They offer a range of touch-free dispensing options, including optical cells and foot pedals, to ensure optimum hygiene. These fountains can be connected directly to the water network, ensuring a continuous, filtered supply of drinking water. What's more, they require little maintenance, with preventive checks recommended twice a year to maintain their performance.

Models, such as the Calypso Fountain, are specially designed to suit different needs, from use in waiting rooms to large factories. Our fountains represent an ecological and economical solution for providing fresh water at all times.

For your information, the French Labour Code (article R.232-3-1, decree of 7 May 93) requires employers to provide fresh drinking water. Tap water is often not enough.