FRI-ICE was founded in 1993 and specialises in the manufacture of industrial cold and commercial cold. We operate in the import/export sector and only sell in large quantities, exclusively by container.

As aplant agentWe work directly with the factories we represent in various countries. These factories are carefully selected for the quality of their products and services, as well as for their production lead times.

The company FRI-ICE is committed to providing its customers with the best service, the best quality and on-time delivery (as transport is the customer's responsibility, we do not guarantee the delivery times of the chosen carrier). This commitment drives us throughout our customer service, right up to the finalisation of each contract.

We offer a complete range of professional refrigeration equipment, including spare parts such as custom-made condensers and evaporators (static or ventilated). We also respond to specific requests for equipment not listed in our catalogue. Each request will be carefully studied in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We are located * :

Luxembourg office (head office)
3 Rue de la gare.
L 6731
Registration number: 2009 2419 917
VAT: LU 23573462


Office in France

18 Rue de la Pépinière
92360 - MEUDON

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