The Apple range of refrigerators/freezers is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and elegant design. Models including the Apple 150, Apple 188, Apple 212, Apple 250, Apple FG 188, Apple Head 200 and Apple FG Head 200 are designed to meet all your food storage needs in a demanding professional environment. These ranges are perfectly modular.

These chest freezers are fitted with high-quality aluminum tubes, forming an effective thermal insulation that maximizes heat transfer, guaranteeing optimum preservation of your food. Thanks to their state-of-the-art polyurethane insulation, these chest freezers maintain a constant temperature inside, keeping your products fresher for longer.

The technology built into these units ensures even cold distribution throughout the storage space, minimizing temperature variations and preserving the quality of your food. Whether you need a small, compact freezer like the Apple 150 for a smaller kitchen, or a more spacious model like the Apple 250 for professional use.

Specialized models, such as the Apple FG 188 and Apple Head 200, are also available to meet specific requirements, such as storing fresh produce or preserving head-high products. When you choose an Apple Frilux refrigerator, you’re opting for the best of both worlds.
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